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A translation service as it should be: Guaranteed work, fast turn around, transparent pricing, inclusive of independent proofreading, subject expertise.
Our clients range from technology, manufacturing, legal, travel, retail and IP businesses to government agencies, NGOs and individuals across the world.
Translation quality is guaranteed by our 5 step QA process. Every project is reviewed be an independent linguist, at no extra cost to you.!
Your files are transferred to us using 256bit SSL encryption technology. Confidentiality and security is guaranteed. Trust us, leading global brands do!
Our cloud collaboration technology, TM and CAT tools give us unmatched capacity to scale any size projects most efficiently; saving your translation projects time and costs.
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Want to take your website, SEO/PPC campaign, app, marketing collateral to a particular market? our localisation service will get you there.
We can also localise your website, SEO and SEM campaigns to suit a target market segment and audience and generate relevant traffic.
Our dedicated software, apps and games localisation team love new challenges. Get a basic online quote instantly or talk to us
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For flawless professional transcription services that you can rely on. We get it right first time with our dedicated subject and language specific transcription teams.
Legal transcription and medical transcription are our specialized areas of expertise. We also work with media, business and academic organizations.
Our transcription technology and software ensure absolute accuracy. Our QA process leaves nothing to chance making sure we deliver your project accurately every time.
Your audio/video files are transferred to us using 256bit SSL encryption technology. Confidentiality and security are guaranteed. Trust us, leading global brands do!
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Our clients trust us to ensure that their graphics and artwork are translated and typeset to match original design guidelines. Our multilingual DTP team know how to satisfy.
Our multilingual DTP service supports all media formats for Magazines, Newsletters, Brochures, Catalogues, User-manuals, GUIs etc.
Our collaboration platform ensures the best time and cost effectiveness of your DTP project. Get Instant online quote for your project now or within 24 hours.
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Your audience needs a little help or you’re trying to capture a foreign audience for your videos, films or multimedia content? Our subtitling and captioning services are for you.
We support a full range of subtitling and close captioning formats. Upload your files directly to our server for an instant quote
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Professional French Translation Services
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Latest Blog Posts

Challenges in accessing foreign markets

There are many challenges that one will face when trying to access foreign markets, most of them being the same as the ones one has to face when trying to access any market, such as a lack of technology, unreliable supply chains, inability to process all the information one gathers in a timely fashion, et cetera. The bigger problems with trying to access foreign markets, however, are the linguistic barriers, and attached to those, the cultural ones. They are issues that are very delicate when it comes to translating matters like mobile Apps, websites and software, to name a few examples.
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How important is it to translate my website

Flash Eurobarometer has conducted a survey on User Language Preference Online in order to find out just exactly how important it is for websites to be available in the native language or languages of its visitors. The survey was published in 2011 and contains interviews from people from all 27 states that the EU then consisted of.
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4 Localisation pitfalls every business should avoid

Companies increasingly understand the important role played by localisation in the expansion of their business. While many have fully embraced the trend of going local to become global, there are a number of cases where poor attempts at localisation have created disastrous situations. These 4 localisation pitfalls are common, and should by all means be avoided.
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Why bother with localisation services?

Want to grow your business and tap in to foreign markets? If that’s a Yes, then you’d better start thinking about Localisation. People do not do business with someone whom they don’t understand or can’t relate to. That’s why if you want to extend your reach into another market, you need to not only translate but localise all your business documents, products, promotional items, legal papers and other documents into the native language of the market.  
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WHAT THE NEW-BREED TRANSLATION SERVICES, LIKE VOCABRIDGE, ARE DOING DIFFERENTLY TO DELIVER PROJECTS IN ONE-TENTH OF THE TIME TAKEN BY TRADITIONAL SERVICES With a focus on new strategies in the Energy sector, the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC 2016) started on Monday. Love them or hate them, companies in the energy sector keep the world moving.
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People Sacrificed Their Lives So You Can Speak Your Language Today: The Story behind International Mother Language Day 21st February

UNESCO declared 21st February as the International Mother Language Day in 1999 and since then, this day is being observed globally with the aim to represent linguistic diversity. This date is related to a specific historical event that took place in East Bengal (now Bangladesh) in 1952. People sacrificed their lives to protect their right to speak in their mother language. Read the article to know the full story.
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Localisation for emerging markets: A guideline for businesses

With increased cooperation between countries and formation of trade associations, trade barriers have started to disappear in the last few decades. The incredible advances of information and communication technology have also contributed to the formulation of a global business context. However, one of the most fundamental trade barriers is still there: language. Unless you understand someone, you cannot possibly do business with them. That’s why it is important to not only translate your products or services into the target market’s language but also understand its customs, culture and sensitivities in order to make sure the translated product comes across as clear as possible.
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