Desktop Publishing Service

Each design and layout is fully customizable for any adaptation. We pay special attention to the typography and the graphic elements of the design to make sure that the end result is aesthetically appealing and functionally flawless. Our team can help you with the creation of visually appealing materials such as company brochure, annual reports, business cards, training manuals, and posters. We offer different stages of the DTP process as separate services such as typesetting services, design and adaptation services.
However, you might need DTP service alongside translation service just to retain the quality of the source material. In case of specially formatted PDF or any other document with a set layout, simply pasting back the translated version will destroy the look and layout of the original document. In many cases, translation increases the size of the original document. Our DTP team can preserve the original layout of your document with intelligent placement of text and use of graphic tools.
Moreover, at Vocabridge we will run pre-project document analysis to present a list of unnecessary document elements which can be eliminated. That practice will reduce your cost and you will have the option to have a cleaner and better version of the original document. We use SSL secured file transfer system to ensure the highest confidentiality of your document.
Our DTP Service includes:
  • Primary content analysis
  • DTP project with markup languages such as HTML, SGML, XML etc.
  • Font and typography management
  • Custom formatting and page layout
  • Creating and editing graphic elements
  • Cross-platform document conversion