English to Arabic Translation and Copywriting Services

Vocabridge’s certified translators are subject area experts. Our ISO 17100 compliant processes and automated workflows and quality management systems support the language needs of global organisations. Our promise is always to be our word, and our commitment is always to over deliver.

What you get

24/7 Access

To give you access to translation services 24/7 we work across multiple time zones and always have staff ready to assist you.

Turnaround from 24 hours

Small projects can be delivered from 2 to 24 hours.
By eliminating manual processes, using global CAT and TM tools, pro-active hiring we provide highly scalable solutions.

Peace of mind

You can count on us to always be our word and go the extra mile to make sure you have peace of mind. You have live access to project progress and we keep you updated all the time.

Secure data

With 256 bit encryption and storage, we guarantee 100% security and integrity of your documents and data.

Expert Arabic Translators

Arabic is the official language of 22 countries which span across diverse cultures from North Africa all the way to the Middle East and Asia. Knowing the local cultural, vernacular, socio-political and religious contexts is the key to effective communication. Our team of 200+ certified arabic translators from these regions will localise, translate and arabise your documents and web content so your message is clearly communicated.

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Custom Arabic OCR

Do you have trouble with scanned and or handwritten documents? - Our proprietary scanning and OCR systems can digitise and extract texts for easy translation.

Translation API: If you use a Content Management System and have large volumes of translation work, having Vocabridge translation service integrated into your publishing process will make your life as easy as a couple of clicks. Our API and developers will take care of doing the technical parts, so all you have to do is click/schedule translations as and when you want them.

Easy Management: With access to a live dashboard, you can drag and drop files, communicate directly with your account manager, translators etc. to make your experience with us, super easy!

Full Transparency: What we say is what you get, although we try to over deliver always. No unknown costs, time delays or anything.

Automated Billing: Our systems take care of all billing and payment issues so you don’t have to manually with POs, Invoices etc.

We simplify the entire process of managing all your translation requirements; from file preparation, processing, live progress monitoring, unified communication, version control, review, and automated delivery. If you use a CMS for publishing content online, we integrate Vocabridge API with your systems to make translation, localisation and publishing a simple click and done process.