What file formats do you support?

Vocabridge supports an extensive range of file formats for all documents, audio, video and graphics files including and not limited to the following:

Documents and Resource files: All microsoft office file types, All open office file types, .pdf, .xml, .xhtml, .html, .po, .strings

Audio/Video files: 42 file formats including .mp3, .mp4, mpeg, .ogg, .avi, .dss, .wav, .mov, .mpeg4, .wma, .rm, .aliff, .3gp, .qt, .flv 


What languages do you support?

Vocabridge translates over 100 lanaguage pairs including all 24 European Union official lanaguages. 

Our top 12 most translated languages are: English to Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Dutch, Italian, Polish and Russian.

If you have a particular language pair that you cannot find in the list during the instant quote process, please contact us on +44 843 289 2423 or email sales@vocabridge.com and we will let you know immediately if it is supported.



What is DTP

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is a service of adds value to your translated document. After the translation, it may become challenging to retain the format of the original document, In that case, DTP service customizes the translated text for a specific output format. The formats can be for example a brochure, letter, magazine article, leaflet, business report etc. Typesetters and graphic designers work in synergy after the translation job is done to put everything in your desired format and layout. 

What is the difference between localisation and globalisation?

Globalisation is the process of making something multi-lingual, i.e. suitable for a wide audience of the world. According to the Globalisation process, the language related features of the project are separated for translation and other features that vary with target country are modified to make them country independent.

On the contrary, localisation is the process of adapting your product or business to a particular locale context. Localisation process involves translation and transformation of all elements to ensure everything is suitable for the culture and customs of the target market/country. 

What is localisation?

Localisation or Localization (US) is the process of customising your product/website/software for a specific market to match the cultural, customary, religious, political and social expectation of that market. To fully contextualise a translation to the locale of a target audience.

am not satisfied with the quality of work, what can I do?

We try our best to make sure that such incident will never take place. However, if you are not happy with the quality of our service, then please submit your complaint through your dashboard messaging system or inform your Account Manager. We will take all the necessary actions to mediate and resolve the any issues to your satisfaction. 

Can I order different services at the same time?

Yes you may. Towards the end of the quote process you have an option to “+add another task” which will allow you to add additional orders to the system.

I am happy with the work I’ve received; do I have to approve the order?

If you’re happy with the results of your order, please click the approve button. This tells us that the job was completed successfully and the associated Linguist (s) can get busy with another job.

I received a request for additional payment, why?

If you have placed an order and subsequently made changes (e.g. added more work to the order), or you’ve manually entered a word count / duration count that was incorrect then the correction will be applied by the relevant Vocabridge Project Manager and the difference in payment will be requested from you which you can pay immediately with Credit/Debit card of Paypal.

Do you keep our data confidential?

All your data is transferred to us via a 256bit encrypted SSL (https) connection. All data is stored on to our secure servers and never transferred to the public domain. Your data integrity, confidentiality and security is our imperative.

I need your service for a humanitarian / disaster project, how can Vocabridge help?

Vocabridge works closely with NGOs and Not for Profit organisations working in disaster zones and humanitarian relief work. We will be more than happy to do all translation / localisation for FREE of charge for you if you’re in a disaster scenario. Please contact us on through the Live Chat system with details about your organisation and project/case.

My order was rejected, why?

Vocabridge doesn’t work with any unethical businesses / practices e.g. Alcohol, Gambling, Pornography or any material that is in breach of the law. If you feel the rejection was unfair please feel free to contact Vocabridge through the main messaging system (not a workroom).

If your order is rejected, you will be fully refunded automatically.

I’ve made a mistake in the files that I’ve sent, can I change them now?

You can modify the order freely within the first 15 minutes of placing the order.  However, if you have any minor changes that doesn’t affect the overall project – that will be fine. If however you add more words to the order then you will be requested to pay the difference.

Can I place my order in to multiple languages?

Yes, just click on “+ additional language” in step 1 of the order process.

Can I pay in USD or a currency other than GBP?

Yes, you can pay in any currency; however it is your Bank / Card Issuer that will apply the necessary exchange rate at the checkout to convert the total order value in to your currency.

Can I add comments and instructions after I’ve already placed the order?Yes, you may add comments and instructions for a particular order through its’ workroom.

Yes, you may add comments and instructions for a particular order through its’ workroom.

I forgot some files to add to my order?

If you’ve forgotten to add some files to the order, please go ahead and place a new order and in the instructions box towards the end of the order creation process write a note that this is part of an existing order.

What about a Terms Glossary?

Term glossaries are developed on a per project basis by our Linguists or you could share an existing Terms Glossary for your project via the Workroom.

How I exclude certain passages from being translated?

Any passage that you would not like to be translated must be put in between {{{text not to be translated here}}} three curly brackets.

I don’t know the word count / duration of my file (s).

If you’ve uploaded a file e.g. an image file, for translation – our system will ask you to enter the no. of words in your document. If you don’t know the word count, it’s not a problem. Proceed with the quote process and we will send you a quote by email within 24 hours.

I uploaded a file but it says “file format not supported”

Vocabridge support a very wide range of files and formats. If you’re attempting to upload a file that is not appropriate e.g. Uploading an Audio/Video file to the Translation server, then you will get an error. However if you’re actually uploading a file format and you’re getting this error, please contact us through the Live Chat system and we will fix it.

I placed my order but I haven’t received an email confirmation

Please check that your Junk Mail filter is configured correctly and Vocabridge mails are not ending up in your Junk folder by mistake.

If that isn’t the case, then it is possible that there was a mistake in the email address you entered during the order process. Please contact us through the Live Chat system or by calling our number and someone will fix it for you.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can only be cancelled within the first 15 minutes of placing it for free. After that you will incur the cost of any work that has already been undertaken between the time you placed the order and the time you cancelled it.

How do I change my email address?

You will need to log in to your Account on Vocabridge.com and then go to the [My Account] tab. Here you will see an option to change your email address.

Why don’t you offer different levels of service?

We do not believe in graded services especially when it comes to quality. We strive to offer the best quality of work in everything we do and so there can be no room for compromised quality for a cheaper price like some agencies do.

I can’t find a language I am looking for, listed on your site, what do I do?

If you have a project that is greater than 2000 words / 10 A4 pages and you cannot see the language pair you require during the order process, please contact us through the Live Chat system or call us and we will be able to tell how we can get your job done.

I need to change something in my order what do I do?

If after you have placed your order and realise that there is something missing or you need to change the order slightly, please communicate with your Account Manager through the workroom associated with the order in question. He/She will then be able to make the necessary changes.

What is a Workroom?

A workroom is a messaging and files exchange system that is accessible from inside you Vocabridge dashboard area. For every project there is a separate workroom. Through the workroom you will be able to communicate directly with the Project Manager and linguist (s) working on a particular project.

I need to supply glossaries

Once you have placed the order, you will be able to share / view glossary files with the Linguists working on your projects through the workroom.

Can I apply for a business account?

Yes, If you are a registered business, charity, NGO or government agency – you may apply for a business account.

What is a business account?

A business account with Vocabridge gives companies the opportunity to apply for Credit, pay on Invoice and get a dedicated Account Manager who looks after all your needs and ensures you get a personalized service.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Volume discounts may be offered business account holders with regular/ongoing translation/localisation projects. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss further.

How do I apply for a credit account?

Please log in to your account and on the left hand side of your Account View, you will see a [My Account] tab, click on it and follow the instructions.

Can I pay on Invoice?

If you are a business customer you can apply for a credit account, which, if approved – you will be able to place Purchase Order payments and your organisation will be invoiced at the end of the month.

what are your payment methods?

Vocabridge accepts Credit/Debit card payments and Paypal. If you are a business customer you can apply for a credit account, which, if approved – you will be able to place Purchase Order payments and your organisation will be invoiced at the end of the month.

How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of our documents etc.

All your data is transferred to our secure servers through a 256 bit encrypted SSL connection secure by GeoTrust. Your data security and privacy is guaranteed whilst within our domain. Please ensure you use a strong password in your Vocabridge account and keep that secure.

How does it work?

You are able to send us your source files (i.e. files that you’d like to translate, transcribe etc) by uploading them to our server which will be automatically analysed by our systems and a quote will be provided to you instantly. In the event that our systems could not extract/process your files – you will be asked to manually enter the word count / media file duration and a quote will be based on that.

Your files will be stored on our secure server. A Project Manager responsible for the particular language pair and service will pick up your order and manage the related workflow, linguists and other personnel to complete the task and deliver it back to you through your online account dashboard.

What is your policy on Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)?

All the works we carry out are by default covered by our Non Disclosure clauses in our terms of service. Should you wish to send us a specific NDA, you may contact us by email and arrange that easily.

Do you translate on weekends and public holidays?

Generally our translation and localisation services are available 24/7 and all throughout the year. 

Do you use machine translation?

At Vocabridge, we do not use machine translations. All our translation, localisation and other services are worked on by qualified professionals. 

Do you handle patent translations?

We have a highly specialized team of professional patent translators to handle all patent translations. 

Do you handle legal translations?

Yes, our dedicated Legal team will handle all legal translation projects.

Do you handle medical translations?

Yes, our dedicated Life Sciences team will handle all medical and pharmaceutical projects.

Can I request an earlier delivery date?

For larger orders you will automatically be offered an option to get your project completed earlier. We use multiple linguists on these projects and share the work load across the team whilst ensuring consistency of style and glossary across the project. You will be offered this option at an additional cost to cover the extra administrative and QA overheads.

How long does it take?

From a couple of hours for a small projects to a couple of months or more for very large and complex projects. Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours for every 2000 words of source text for translation and this varies slightly for other services.

When you are placing an order you will always be given a time estimate of how long it will take to complete your job. Please not that this is an estimated delivery time and we can make adjustments to it depending on your requirements and the complexity of the project.

Do you offer a proofreading service?

We do not offer a standalone proofreading service, because we cannot guarantee someone else’s work. However, your order with us will always be proofread by an independent linguist – this is an inherent part of our workflow and quality assurance process for which you will not be charged extra.

Do you guarantee the work you do?

All our works are guaranteed; if ever we get something wrong we will make sure it is re-worked to your satisfaction on at no extra cost to you. If you’re still not satisfied we will issue you a full refund subject to our terms of service. 

What is your quality policy?

We treat every project, however small or big with the same quality standards and care. Our 5 step QA process ensures that every job is done at the highest quality. We have a no compromise policy and so cannot offer graded quality at different price breaks like others. There is only one quality and it will always be our best.

We do not charge separately for proofreading, because this is an inherent component of our QA process and included in our base pricing.

How are you different from traditional translation agencies?

Vocabridge combines the best of the stability and security of traditional language service companies with the flexibility and easy scalability of online crowd sourced agencies.

Vocabridge uses in-house linguists, localisation engineers, DTP and Quality Assurance personnel as well as in-country teams. Our HQ is based in central London and you can come and talk to us in person any day. Our technology platforms enable us to rapidly grow our linguist base from a pre-screened and tested pool of professionals from across the world.

We cut out the inefficiencies of traditional translation companies, bringing our clients cost and time benefits whilst. We don’t rely on crowd sourced personnel 100%, thereby we are able to guarantee the quality of work we offer for general business to mission critical requirements.

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