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You will have access to our easy to online translation management platform. All your jobs and earnings are recorded there. You do not need to send us any Invoices, our system can do that for you on your behalf. All payments are made 30-45 (max) of completing the job to your paypal or skrill account. 


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What makes Vocabridge such a great place to work is that our employees leave the office everyday feeling good about the work they have accomplished. Our team of dedicated professionals truly believes in Vocabridge’s mission to consistently offer the highest standard of language solutions to facilitate foreign language communication and close language gaps. It is this level of passion that has resulted in a fun, collaborative, motivational team environment at Vocabridge - one where the impossible is achieved through innovation and professional relationships are built upon open and honest communication.

At Vocabridge, we are committed to our employee value proposition, which includes the following four components:

  •  A company that is dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative technology solutions that enhance productivity and optimise efficiency.
  •  A management team that listens to and values employee input from all levels of the organisation and fosters a can-do attitude to all challenges.
  • An environment where employees feel valued and are rewarded for their excellence.
  • A company that is committed to the professional growth of its employees, growing leaders from within the organisation before hiring from the outside. 

We are currently recruiting :

  1. Language Professionals (translators, localisation professionals, testers, dtp professionals),
  2. 2 x Marketing Managers and a Senior PHP Developer. 

Freelance language professionals Apply here

For all other postions please send your CVs to Ramelyn Luisma