Industry needs

Vocabridge lives and breathes in the global market place and knows the in depth requirements and needs of consumers, businesses and government agencies and NGOs across the world. Here is a list of industries that we specialise in but not limited to:

Technology and Manufacturing

Successful technology and manufacturing companies are global by their nature. You have customised products, partners and distribution networks across the world. We work with you to ensure that your products and all related materials are translated and localised to your target markets. We have specialised teams in over 52 countries who only work on technology projects. We enable you to service more markets faster and we consistently deliver the highest quality of work.  

Life Sciences

For medical services and pharmaceutical companies, the pressure to introduce products and services to new markets is mounting. Medical translation services include the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical and marketing documents along with the localisation of software and training curriculum for the healthcare sector. Literature and labelling associated with drugs and medical services must be localised for different markets since a misunderstanding in this sector can potentially expose human life to risk. That’s why a medical translator needs to not only be knowledgeable and experienced in Life Sciences, but be constantly keeping abreast of developments and innovations in the sector.

We translate clinical trial reports, catalogues, technical facts sheets, medical reports, product sheets and marketing materials in order to inform professionals and patients in the global market place. Our dedicated Life Sciences teams are deployed across the globe and deliver the best quality of work consistently.


Access to global consumer markets is not only driven by the desire to tap in to new revenues, but an imperative to survive in the industry as other global players are accessing in to your own market through the Internet. The need to understand consumers in different parts of the world, with different consumer behaviour profiles to yours, requires in depth understanding of the target audience's linguistic, cultural, religious, political and aesthetic sensitivities, tastes and expectations.  

We deploy specialised linguists in each market, to translate and localise your campaigns, products and contents in to effective and consistent communication that your audience will click with. 

Here is a simple fact, to access just 50% of the online consumer market, you need to at least be communicating in 6 languages, we know what they are how to get you there and beyond!

Apps and Software Localisation

According to a report published by MarketsandMarkets, the global mobile App market is expected to worth $25 billion by 2015, up from $6.8 billion in 2010. Though North America still holds the lead in the market, but Europe is expected to become the largest geographical segment by 2015 at $8.4 billion, beating Asia as a close second. Considering the staggering growth of mobile Apps market in non-English speaking countries, App localisation must be integrated as a de facto function for any App developing company. The Apple devices are leading the market and expected to retain the lead with more than 20% share in 2015. That’s why iPhone App localisation is likely to be the most demanded service. However, Android App development companies are becoming more focused on paid Apps. Hence, Android App localisation is no less important an issue. Windows phone can surface to claim a mentionable market share if their partnership with Nokia turns out to be good. In short, the market for mobile App localisation is only going to get bigger and if you are an App developer, you should join the rally before it’s too late. 

Game Localisation

The global game industry is ever expanding at an accelerated rate. Game localisation is a vital function of this industry since it accounts for the half of industry revenue. When a game is localised for different local markets, it can dramatically increase the revenue stream. Demand for games localisation is quickly increasing in the emerging markets with the proliferation of gaming devices. All the player in the industry including video game designers and specialised game developers need to localise their releases into more languages in order to maximise their ROI. 

Medical Transcripts

Medical and life science industry are increasing at a staggering rate. Similar to the demand of medical translation services, medical transcription services are in high demand. To satisfy the need of instant access to this service, several companies offer online medical transcription services now. Sophisticated cloud based technologies are being developed and used to take the standard of medical transcription to the next level. The future of medical transcription is full of possibilities. The more advancement will take place in the healthcare industry, the greater will be the demand for medical transcription services.