Making a difference

We realised that the ‘some day one day’ conversation about changing the world doesn’t quite work. If we are going to make a mark in this planet, then we can do today and every day. So, we have taken on the following 2 projects where we use our expertise and resources to make a difference.

We have partnered up with BASIC (British American Security Information Council) International to make an impact in nuclear non-proliferation.

We are creating the ‘Nuclear Information Service’. This purpose of this service is to make available documents published by Pakistan, India, Russia and Middle countries in Urdu, Hindi, Russian, Farsi, Hebrew and Arabic in English, and all the English publications translated into those languages.

We will also have live translators in all of BASIC’s roundtables over the next 18 months.

Vocabridge will provide 30% (minimum) of the resources required to make this happen.

If you would like to contribute to this project please contact us.

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We believe that there are amazing books out there that can touch move and inspire people. We want to curate a list such books and translate them to and from English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese.

If you have a book suggestion, or would like to sponsor the translation of a book please get in touch.


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