With a focus on new strategies in the Energy sector, the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC 2016) started on Monday. Love them or hate them, companies in the energy sector keep the world moving. However, alongside the massive changes in technology, the rise of new economies and the proliferation of renewable energy sources, the face of the energy industry is poised to change forever. To survive and thrive in such a dynamic environment, companies need to respond quickly to market changes. Localization is one way for energy companies to expand into new economies and discover low-competition markets, and it is here that translation companies can help. But translation and localization is a tricky issue, especially considering the culture and context sensitivity of local content. Hence, energy companies not only require fast delivery of translation and localization projects; they also need context-perfect execution. While conventional translation agencies often fail to meet these requirements, new translation companies like Vocabridge can deliver a better translation in a much shorter time. Let’s look at what sets these new-breed translation companies apart:

Subject matter specific translation testing before hiring

Vocabridge hires translators with demonstrated skills in specific subject areas, such as medical translation, legal translation, petrochemicals translation, etc. This practice ensures that translators have a deep knowledge in the subject area of the project and they don’t have to spend time learning the terminologies on the job.

Proactive recruitment

Many translation agencies follow a cost saving ad-hoc recruitment strategy; however, this means that they must factor in extra (recruitment) time in their project delivery plans. Vocabridge has adopted a proactive recruitment practice to ensure that it is ready to take on most projects.

Always maintain a reserve capacity of fully-tested translators, editors and proofreaders

The new agencies tend to keep a reserve capacity of resources (translators, editors and proofreaders) available. For example, Vocabridge has adopted a policy of using a maximum of 50% of its resource pool, for urgent large scale time sensitive projects. Thus, Vocabridge never fails to deliver any project on time as it always has necessary resources at hand. 

In-house translators for popular languages

Translation companies often combine a ‘click and order’ business model with a bricks and mortar office.  For instance, Vocabridge employs office based in-house translators. So, even if the company cannot communicate with its remote translators, due to an ‘internet apocalypse’, for example, we can always complete a project in the 10 most popular world languages!

Using an automated workflow to remove administrative overheads

Modern translation services, like Vocabridge, use automated workflow systems that remove administrative overheads and keeps costs low. This can save the client a considerable amount of time and money.

Investment in live translation/editing collaboration technology

Translation companies can use a live collaboration tool, like Google Docs, to enable the participation of multiple translators on a single project. Vocabridge has developed such a tool to enable many translators, editors and proofreaders to work concurrently on the same project and automatically share Translation Memory and Terminologies in real time, thus eliminating inconsistencies and speeding up the translation process. This can reduce the turnaround time to a fraction of what is found in the typical linear processes that most traditional translation companies use.


Vocabridge is one of a new breed of translation companies that combine the best talents with cutting edge technology to provide a cost-efficient quality translation service with a local and specific knowledge in a tenth of the time of traditional translation service providers. In a rapidly-changing energy sector, Vocabridge can provide local translation support to companies world-wide in their exploration and development of new markets.

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