Our Pricing Policy

At Vocabridge we believe in straight forward pricing and we mean it! There is no reason why in an ever interconnected world we need to charge differently for different language pairs. 

Our Pricing Policy:

  • Consistent: Flat rate pricing for all language pairs
  • Fair: No minimum charge for new orders
  • Inclusive: Independent proofreading included in the price
  • 100% transparent: No hidden costs for extras

Our Rates:


from £110 /1000 words

£68 / page (for scanned documents)


from £2.50 /min 


from £180 /1000 words


£10 / A4 page*
£64 / hour

* Desk Top Publishing projects vary hugely in complexity. This rate is based on translation and typesetting of text in an existing layout template supplied by the client.

Please note that we charge in GBP and up to date conversion rates to your local currency will be applied by your bank / card issuer at checkout.